by Radradriot

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this is our last batch of songs. we probably wish this is what this band had sounded like all along but we were young n stuff.


released July 12, 2016

recorded by derek in may 2016 in a warehouse and vocals in my kitchen while i was trying to sleep and elgin wouldnt quit yelling.
this band's been a big deal for us over the years since we were kidsish and we made a million close friends all over the country from this band so there'd be a lot of people to thank if we tried to do that so i'm just gonna say most thanks in the fucking world to -
Everett Gee, Maddie Garner, Matt Isham, Rub, Jose, Emily Brown, Rober Allen Burns, Castellano, jonathan berkshire, jack katze, gary martinez and summer graves, jake pruett, laura mackey, and all the other little rock homies and out of town budz and all that stuff sheesh.



all rights reserved


Radradriot Little Rock, Arkansas

two piece band from little rock arkansas. we enjoy being loud as shit and hangin.

twerk team immaculate

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Track Name: breeding rainbow
the disease, is your, offspring
filling, the air, with noxious breath
temples, filled with, food courts and
hail, to, your, rich, god

fill your shitty life, with more terrible kids
Track Name: scab
oblong lines
i see it all
filed down
to fit

eyes hit the ground
screech and scratch
omit to admit
they drag

you've made your mark
you''ve tried your worth
labored breaths
incomplete figure

expensive dress
birth mark
almost there
hock spit

underneath her window
breath deep
hock spit
beautiful above the sigill

red flash, skin to bone, im closer to being whole
Track Name: heat stroke
on your suburban lawns, lies another worker
who speaks differently, and bleeds sweat
until your yard, shines bright in the morning light
drink the water, straight from their bodies

his family is fed
to the cannibals of surburbia
on your fucking lawns

hang the wealth over the heads of those
men and women
so that they'll know, they're lucky
they're lucky to have a master such as you

his family is fed
to the cannibals of suburbia
on your fucking lawns

heat stroke death march
buried under your lawn
heat stroke death march
buried in opulence

on your suburban lawn
lies another worker
who speaks differently and bleeds sweat
until your yard shines bright in the morning light
heat stroke until your next paycheck
Track Name: mockra
every day is a blur. perpetually half awake. cant focus, cant create. anything to avoid sleep. in the dark by myself. perpetually exhausted, never asleep. I hear voice every single night. every fucking night now. it didnt used to be this bad. but it's getting worse. it's gotten so much worse. it's getting worse all the time. never asleep. i dont have any doubt now. there's something else inside my head. or maybe it's someone. either way i'm coming undone. at night it takes over till in the day i'm not there at all. but at this point fuck it. it's been like this for so long. i think i'm done fighting it. maybe i'll start inviting it. and let it take me over till i'm the one making people make all those terrified screams that i hear every night. maybe it's time that i kill all my friends.paint my floors with their blood. use their skin as wallpaper. and maybe for bed sheets too. we'll hang out all the time, me and my friends. livers will be pillows. and i'll nail their eyes to the ceiling over my head so that i'll always know they're watching over me in bed. and i'll lay their lips scattered around my room. so the next time i hear voices, i'll remember it's all of you.
Track Name: obliterate / decapitate
Disconnect your sleep from dreams. they're all nightmares anyway. fuck consciousness. it's a curse from the start. disconnect your tongue from your mouth. or maybe tooth from cheek. never another empty word. take away my brain. i dont want it anymore. the luxury to think is such a fucked up thing to have. doesnt do me any good, no not like it should. destroy, dissolve, devour, decay. to cage, entomb, control, supress. disconnect, disconnect, disconnect, disconnect. disconnect brain, stem from spine. no longer intertwined. do it like a chicken. but i wont stay as long