Split with Headcold

by Radradriot

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split with the best dudes/band on the planet, headcold. thanks to em for being rad and keeping people stoked about arkansas. they have a bunch more music at headcold.bandcamp.com

you can order a tape at -
or get one from us later this year when we go on tour.


released June 26, 2015

thanks to judy and james at quiet year records for being so nice and putting this out. they're the best kind of people and they believe in good and important shit. check out other quiet year bands at quietyearrecords.bandcamp.com

our songs recorded / mixed / mastered by josh campbell in new orleans in january 2015. thanks to him for making us sound like we actually have our shit together.



all rights reserved


Radradriot Little Rock, Arkansas

two piece band from little rock arkansas. we enjoy being loud as shit and hangin.

twerk team immaculate

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Track Name: You Go Girl
i walked into the gaines street house
i saw you against the wall
your face was shadowed
and you seemed consumed
i wanted to tell you something
that would make you not lean so much
your shoulder clutched the wall
hoping the wall would cave
and on the other side would be
the past that was oh so good
if you hoped hard enough
and your desperate lonely hatred
went somewhere outside of you
and your
internal confusion
and your
general lack of misunderstanding
wouldn't fog your lenses
with the idea
that you alone decide the future
your stare clings to her
you start to cry
i guess it's time to leave now
i guess it's time to leave
Track Name: c.a.r.e.
this is your life with cops
always feel as if you've done wrong
peering in with piggy eyes
who's really the bad guy?
i don't feel safe outside my home
stupid assholes and cop clones
intelligence is down, violence is up
every one of us is fucked
brand new black car
says killer on the side
this is your life with cops
in their eyes you're always wrong
do you really feel safe
when they stick a gun in your face?
the new gestapo are her to stay
blue uniforms, smile on their face
due process - a thing of the past
do you think that you're gonna last?
brand new black car
says killer on the side
shines bright with the blood of a child
millions of dollars spent on weapons to keep everyone in their place.
Track Name: Dead 90 (headcold)
born in a corner. posture's a process. i can trust a wall, elegance and all. all the kids in the lunchroom all throw their food at me. all the kids in the lunchroom are louder than me. it's all one noise. it's thick glass i see them through.
Track Name: Contrails (headcold)
how long has it been? and i'm still like this, i know. these are the proving grounds and i haven't enjoyed myself at all. i don't belong here. i don't see me here. i don't belong here at all. my ego ate whole. and i don't like not acting but i can see my breath, i can still smell sweat, and i can feel a rib. heat lingers from lips - cold shoulders and warm fingers. arms and legs and arms and legs - our bodies fight the fog/wrap each other/grow together. oh kudzu, hold me close. it's there when i close my eyes. yr there when i close my eyes.