Split with Ratship

by Radradriot

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Split with our best dudes, Rat Ship.
Our side recorded/mixed/mastered by Josh Campbell of Tare, New Lands, and All People. that motherfucker rules.


released February 8, 2015

thanks to: Everett Gee always. there is no punk without you. RAT SHIP. Forrest and Cassandra for being the best fucking friends. matt isham for helping us make tapes. Maddie garner for making us a real band with pictures. HAROLD BON IN OHIO FOR BOOKING THE SHOW WHERE WE MET RAT SHIP. and anyone who's generally confused enough to still give a shit about punk/DIY.



all rights reserved


Radradriot Little Rock, Arkansas

two piece band from little rock arkansas. we enjoy being loud as shit and hangin.

twerk team immaculate

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Track Name: Happy To Do It (radradriot)
I love your high and tight conservative haircut
I love your purple button down every Thursday
I love that you put your job before your kids
I love that money means more than me

I love your dedication to Monday night football
and how you always hit me when your team loses
I love being fake with your friends
I know you save being genuine for me

I love when you tell the kids to man up
and how you beat them when they don't
I know you want them to grow big and strong
just like their father
I love that you lost my savings to gambling
and how me and the kids
are just another bill

so when you find this note
on my dead body
know that it's because
you're better off with your money
Track Name: All I Ever Wanted Was for a Girl to Look at Me the Way She Looked At Her Cats (radradriot)
all hail the dark circles forming under our eyes.
they bulge and they burn until I cant see.
anti social ritual, it holds me down until I cant breathe.

anger waves come through my steps.
and when I get home
the walls close in.

my head feels cloudy and I don't know how to feel.
so I just ignore it just like everything else.
I hate everything and I hate everyone.
and my head feels like I could just die.

anger waves come through my steps.
and when I get home
the walls close in.

it demands my worship.
it demands my attention.
the eggshell white room,
it makes me feel so alone.
and when I get home
I just stay here.
it demands my attention.
it demands my worship.
it demands my body.
so I give it what it wants
Track Name: Satchel's Just Being, Man. (radradriot)
something about leaving your house at 3AM
puts things in perspective.
or maybe it just confuses me more
I can never really tell.

I can still smell your hair
and it makes me sick.

I've discovered that i'm no good at speaking my mind.
maybe that's ok,
maybe I should listen more, figure out what's real.

and I can still smell you hair
and it makes me sick.

something about today doesn't make sense.
I've loved you for a long time but today I just don't.

someone tell me what to do. there's no god tonight.
now its 9 at night.
fuck this shit, I want out.
Track Name: Kelly Shreds/Squash the Beef (radradriot)
how can you live with yourself?
Don't give a damn about anybody else.
all you care about is your own wealth
and looking good enough to get laid.


none of this matters.
it's all just a joke.
so keep your 9 to 5
I guess you better make it count.


let me scrape by,
i'll be just fine.
I don't need your money
I don't need your fucking money.

everything is fucked. nothing is sacred.
rotten, corrupt, you breed greed and hatred.

we don't need your future.
in this world you're building there's no room for us. we don't want your future.
we're dead in your future.
Track Name: Did You Guys See Those Bats? (Rat Ship)
Expensive perfume filling the room mixing with sweat. Taking me back. Jump off a bridge can't take a hint mixing my drink. I cannot think. Cats everywhere. Piss in the air. Trash on the floor. Cops at the door. Keeps you awake. Everything breaks. Bottles and cans. Filth on your hands. I am the asshole I am the fool. In everything that I do. It's good to see Joaquin on the beach again. It'll soon be gone. The fall will take it all.
Track Name: Fragile Rock II (Rat Ship)
Breathing chem trails and we're dying fucking slowly. Have another drink have another smoke just to see how far it gets me. Tell from the sign of the times this is the end (You're the one walking away). Seen it before and I know that I'll see it again (Because you've got nothing to say). The illusion of choice we've all been bought and sold (Just keep fucking walking away). It's all falling apart don't believe what you've been told (Don't ever expect me to stay). When we're gone what remains? The times we had. The songs we played.